Elections to the Works Council of Scientific Staff, 18th and 19th November 2020

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Election list

MUI Science

Dear colleagues,

We thank you for the confidence you have placed in us!
We are overwhelmed by this strong result of your belief in making a difference!
In this spirit we look forward to work for the MUI Science aims,
for your personal concerns, and for the future of the MUI.

Election: 50.82 % (651/1281 Voting rights)
Liste Klinik-Forschung-Lehre-IGK-UG 315 (48.39 %) votes 7 seat(s)
MUI Science 300 (46.08 %) votes 7 seat(s)
Invalid votes: 36 (5.53 %)
(Published in: Mitteilungsblatt, Nr.7 vom 22.11.2016)