Elections to the Works Council of Scientific Staff, 18th and 19th November 2020

#withheartandmind #benchtobedside #bedsidetobench #clinicianswithpassion #motivatedtoteach

Our Targets:

This is what we plan to achieve!
  • Continuation of the good working conditions for all at our university despite of the current COVID-19 pandemic!
  • KA-AZG: optimal solutions for a potential end of the Opting-Out and continuation of the KA-AZG bonus
  • Continuous career perspectives from PhD to professor
  • Sustainable regulations for secondary employment
  • Performance-based remuneration models for all (e.g. acquisition of competitive and industrial grants, excellence in teaching, contributions to academic administrations, leading of core facilities, ...)
  • Defusing the chain contract regulation for all
  • Affordable perennial child care from 0 - 14 years of age (in successful cooperation with the working group for equal treatment issues, AKGL)
  • Unbureaucratic financial interim support for research projects
  • Fostering of translational research #bedside-to-bench #bench-to-bedside
  • Further improving the cooperation with the Tirol Kliniken
  • Right to voluntary "home office" for PostDocs (B1), too
  • Extending supplementary professional training (e.g. digital competences in teaching)
  • Covered bicycle parking spaces and anti-theft provisions with GPS - made in Tyrol (:D)